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Questions Surround “Bedrock” Red Sox Pitcher David Price

James Ahern, Laidlaw

James (Jim) Ahern is a Boston area financial professional who holds responsibilities as managing partner with Laidlaw & Company. His focus with Laidlaw is on pursuing value-driven investments with disruptive companies in health care sector areas such as biotech. A professional-sports enthusiast, James (Jimmy) Ahern supports local teams such as the Boston Red Sox.

With the Red Sox having enjoyed a superlative 2017 season running neck-and-neck with the New York Yankees, one major question mark has centered on pitcher David Price. The highest paid player on the team, Price is known as the ultimate workhorse and has had more than 27 starts per season since 2010 until the current season.

Unfortunately, injuries plagued the normally reliable pitcher this year and he endured two stints on the disabled list. Despite these setbacks, he managed 11 starts in 14 appearances and achieved 72 strikeouts en route to 6 wins and 3 losses. Appearing set to enter the bullpen in the postseason as he works toward getting healthy, David Price faces an uncertain future with a team that relies on his consistent performance for success in a highly competitive division.

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