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Cooking Steamers on the Grill

James Ahern, Laidlaw

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James (Jim) Ahern is a Boston area executive who guides Laidlaw & Company where he focuses on expansion-driven investment strategies in the pharmaceuticals sphere. Beyond leading Laidlaw, James (Jimmy) Ahern has a passion for boating and fishing, and enjoys summer lobster and steamer grilling on a barbecue.

Cooking clams on a grill is as simple as setting the gas on medium or allowing the charcoal to burn down, and scrubbing the clams to remove any sand or clinging grit. The clams are placed directly on the grate and cooked with the barbecue lid closed. They are typically ready after 7-10 minutes, when they start to open. To impart a smoky flavor, many clam and mussel grillers prefer cooking over hardwood charcoal as opposed to grilling with gas.
For those wanting a little extra flavor, the clams can be combined with garlic, olive oil, chili, and white wine in a disposable aluminum pan. The mixture is covered tightly with aluminum foil and placed on the grill in the pan to cook for approximately 10 minutes. After a stir, the pan is resealed and the shellfish go for another few minutes until they open.